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The teddy guinea pig originated in the USA and has been successfully bred in a variety of colours since the 1960's.

However it is only a recent breed to be found in the UK and is shown under the Rare Varieties. It was first introduced to the UK in the early 2001-2004 after some interested UK cavy breeders had visited shows in Sweden and Denmark and bought stock back to the UK.

It is a recessive gene tt (kinked hair) that produces the coat so similar to the Rex cavy breed. It looks so similar to the Rex breed and it is hard to distinguish between them. The genes are quite different and the two breeds must not be bred together as the coat from these matings would be straight.

The coat looks short, crimped when first born, but gradually the coat becomes straighter and stands up. It should be thick and plush in texture.

I have noticed in some of my stock the babies coat often seems to fall out in some areas when they reach about 4 weeks old. On the face and around the rump. This can be caused by the feeding from mum , slight fungal problems or genetic possibly. The new coat then seems to grow and coat faults may develop around the top of the head but this usually grows out at adult stage. The coat seems to have less faults than when I used to breed the Rex and this may be due to the coat being much straighter and less likely to wave in different directions.

Curls to the belly, and  are seen in the Teddy as the Rex breed.

Imported Swedish, & Danish stock is improving the quality available in the UK today

and it is good to see such  ones appearing at the shows and doing really well.

The Teddy in the UK are now shown in the main show under non -selfs and coated variety. They are still covered by the  Rare Variety club as they do not have their own club as yet.

They have now gained full standard status in 2011.

So it will be interesting to see how they do when competing with the more

established breeds on the show table.

The colours are devided into 3 or 4 categories like the Rex breed.

Agouti pattern / Bi colour and tri colour, any other colour for example.

Some colours seem to have a much softer texture.

Teddies seem to have quite a lively temperament, very vocal and can be a little nippy when held too long. I think the sows seem to be less friendly than the boars. Teddy boars do make better pets as they always seem to enjoy being picked up and cuddled. The sows make really good mothers and its always a pleasure seeing the wide variety of colours from one litter.


I would be interested in hearing from other Teddy breeders what they think of the breed too. Please add comments on my guest page.